Impressions of using ZOOM for two months

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Impressions of using ZOOM for two months

In a nutshell, it's very convenient.
I started using it in the middle of April, but at the beginning I was full of research into how to use it.

iPad, PC1, PC2 (desktop), PC3, iPhone.

When the device changes,the usability also differs.

An iPad with a larger screen equipped with a microphone, speakers, and camera is easy to use.

However, it seemed that the functions where the shared screen could be used by other than the host were not available.
Breakout sessions might not be available, either.

This is my impression when I'm a host, and I don't think the participants are subject to this restriction.

It is also good that files can be easily taken out from the holder in the iPad and sharing is smooth. I used the iPad mainly when there were no restrictions above.

My iPad is kind of old one and virtual backgrounds are not available. Well, I tidied my room and place the screen behind me.

Since the iPad is a single plate, it was easy to adjust how to be showed myself. If the face is too close up, I put it a little further away, or changed the placement angle.

I have three types of PCs. Among them, the desktop type is equipped with a microphone, speakers and a camera. Submitting shared screens by non-host is available and the breakout session is OK, too. So this machine might be the best.
However, it's very slow because I haven't used it for a long time, and there are many necessary setting changes. Every time I opened it, I wasn't able to say that I could use immediately because I was chased by changing the settings.

The remaining two PCs are OK with external microphones and speakers, but I had accidentally discarded the camera.
I tried to use the iPhone as a camera using the app, but I could not find the good place to set it.

After all, with iPad or with PC without video

When I need session function, I use a PC without video, otherwise I use iPad.

What I want to think about from now on

One is the use of white boards. In my case, PowerPoint or image appears on the shared screen most of the time, so the function of switching it and moving it to the white board and back again is a bit unfamiliar. I need more practices.

The other is to secure a place to use the camera function of the iPhone.

Since I am a beginner of Zoom, there might be misunderstanding.



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